Ear Infections

Last Tuesday night I got started with cleaning out my ears, which I never really bother with until it gets to the point of there being too much earwax. The way I typically do it, as I've done in the past, is start with earwax remover solution. Problem there is there's so much earwax that it just melts it into this barrier in my ear. Thus I go at it with q-tips to get rid of some of the wax. Takes a few days to go about doing that.

Issue is when I got my wisdom teeth removed that halted that process. So I stuck around with a clogged up ear that didn't really get unclogged until like Sunday, where I proceeded to start the process over again on the other ear.

Anyway turns out this was all a terrible idea and now I have an ear infection where it felt like a nail was stabbing the inside of my ear until the eardrum broke open the damn a tiny bit. The other ear also has a bit of an infection too.

Worse was I went to the doctor today because I was pretty sure I had an ear infection and the pain kept me up late last night. I used up two hours of PTO and went during lunch time to get it checked and hopefully get some antibiotics. The doctor checked my ear and was like "Nah, I don't see an infection. Might just be sinuses. Here's some nasal sprays I recommend."

I go back to work, where the nail driving pain returns, where blowing my nose resulted in a super sharp pain in my ear along with leakage. I was like "Okay, yeah, this shits definitely infected." Thought about waiting until tomorrow or Friday to go back to the doctor's office, but my Mom rightfully told me to just call them and explain what happened.

I called up, told the doctor, and I was able to just show up and skip the waiting room. Another doctor checked my ears and said "I don't know how they looked earlier today, but they sure don't look good now." With that I was finally able to get a prescription for antibiotics. Got ear drops along with pills.

Also antibiotic ear drops are fucking expensive.

Moral of the story: clean your ears regularly. If you wind up waiting to long and it gets clogged, go to a doctor and get them to fix shit instead of you.

What a fucking week.