Now, whenever I see a biography/dramatization of a real person, I try to go in with the mindset that I'm watching a fictionalized story. Some parts are probably based on actual events, but usually when you stick close to real events there isn't much of a story, and movies love to portray people that might not accurately reflect the person in real life. One example being Saving Mr. Banks. While Tom Hanks does a good job playing Tom-- Walt Disney, he plays him more as a lovable character than the businessman Walt Disney truly was.

(If they ever make a biopic of Hayao Miyazaki they better portray him as the angry old man who yells at clouds while smoking a pack of Cherry cigarettes and being highly disappointed at every person working under him, because he's far from the lovable grandpa people love to draw him as. Also would be super fun to watch him talking shade on Osamu Tezuka and Hideaki Anno.)

Anyway, back to Tolkien, the way the film is done is constant flashbacks throughout his life leading up to his time as a soldier in WWI, showing glimpses at the things that would eventually be used as inspiration for Middle Earth. There's also cool imagery with mixing fantasy with reality, especially during the combat scenes. Seeing people get shot to hell while shadow creatures go about the battlefield, culminating at a giant warrior from hell looking shadow standing before Tolkien. It's pretty neat. The music was really good too, with these nice orchestral movements. You can find the soundtrack on youtube or wherever. I particularly like Fellowship and Helheimr.

It was cool to see Tolkien and his friends/TCBS creating works of art and showing them to one another, encouraging each other to continue and improve their craft, even if their parents/guardians are against it. Made me wish I had a group of friends like that growing up. The actors do a great job showing a great kinship with one another.

I'm also a huge sucker for works about writers. Whether it be anime or live action, something about seeing others and their struggles to write always gets me hyped to sit down and work on my own things. I also wish I could get famous enough someday that Hollywood would make a (terrible) biopic about me, with huge swathes of boring nothing happening as I don't do jack shit.