No Comic (Monday April 1st)

(The following was the Patreon blog post from last week to explain the lack of a comic update.)

I'm mentally (and physically) exhausted tonight. I got about a third of the way through the roughs before feeling I needed to tap out. I don't have it in me tonight to do the hours long back and forth with Cooper in regards to fixing the line art.

Yesterday I drove over to my parent's house to work on my car, which has been on its last legs for years now. How it keeps going I'll never know. I guess it's the resilience of Mitsubishis.

So anyway, my dad and I work on the car and then I head out around 10 ish pm. As I'm driving down the highway my tire decides to end its life and blow out. All around the side facing the inside of the tire is shredded. Hubcap MIA too. Worse was I was in the fast lane and the tire that blew out was on the passenger side. I should've pulled over to the left side median to get off quicker, but there was a decent size break in traffic for me to go ahead and hop lanes so I could pull over to the right median. That way I wouldn't have my back facing traffic going 70+ mph. Also the right side median is wider. Here's where I was pulled over on google maps for those curious. 

Some dude happened to pull over to help, but that mostly resulted in him just holding a flashlight for me as I changed the tire. It was super helpful since the light wasn't all that great there. After I got the tire changed I drove back to my parents to stay for the night as there was no way in Hell I was gonna make the 30 odd mile trek back to my apartment on a spare.

Cue me being awake most of the night and getting jack shit for sleep.

Finally made it home a few hours ago with a used tire to replace the blowout.

Overall it could've been way worse, like if I had blown further out where there's cement barricades running along the median. Regardless, I just want to finish doing laundry and then crap out on the couch for a bit then go to bed early tonight.