Cat Adoptions/Orange Vanilla Coke Zero

On Saturday when I was doing driving around my usual places to walk around and kill time (barnes and noble, best buy, five below, and walmart (all conveniently next to one another)), I saw a sign advertising a cat adoption thing at Petco. It got me thinking maybe I should look into getting a cat. My last cat died back at the end 2013, so it's been awhile since I've taken care of one.

When we got my old cat I was like 12, so I had no idea what goes into pet adoptions. So today I went inside Petco and talked to the person in charge. Apparently the cats come from a place called Dallas Cat Lady, who gets the neutered, spayed, shots, and so on. Which is nice, since that would mean I wouldn't have to worry about getting all that done myself. There were some cute cats up for adoption, but I wanted to get some other things taken care of before I ever make that plunge, such as getting my wisdom teeth removed after being told to do so ASAP by my dentist about a year ago.

I'm super duper responsible.

Also Orange Vanilla Coke Zero exists! It's okay I guess! Tastes exactly as you would expect. I prefer regular ol' Vanilla Coke Zero.