The Orange Island League (Is Lame As Hell)

Finished The Orange Island league in Pokemon. As a kid I always thought that the whole arc was kinda lame. After rewatching it it was sorta there. But man, that Orange Island League battle sure was lame as hell. The Indigo Plateau was treated like a Olympics-esque event. It lasted for days, there were numerous trainers all fighting each other. Was cool.

Orange Island? It's just one dude at the end, and it's treated like a gym. There was a full stadium but the set up of people showing up was someone commenting "Oh, someone's actually challenging the winner? Man, it's been awhile. Don't have anything else to do on this weekday so fuck it, let's go." It was like going to a high school football game. Lame as fuck. And it was short, too. Imagine having gone to watch it, see just one match, and then go home? The entire match in real life would've only lasted like, what, ten minutes at most?

Anywho, onto Johto Journeys. It was around here where I dropped out of pokemon altogether. Though considering I'm watching it for the sake of having something to watch where I don't have to pay attention and still kinda get what's going on, it's the perfect show. It's not too interesting to take my eyes away from work but also entertaining enough for me to not put something else on. This perfect white noise of a show.