Magical Girl Dallas: Episode 6 Update

Currently sitting at around 9k words, with a long way to go still before finishing the episode. The longer it gets the more I feel like I'm gonna end the episode earlier than originally outlined and moved what would've been the last scene or two of episode 6 and make it the start of episode 7. It's not that I'm worried there's too much content in the episode. What I'm more worried about is episode 7 winding up significantly shorter compared to episode 6. To give insight on where things stand in 6, there's a massive hole in the writing where two sections were skipped over due to me being unable to get around a writer's block. Along with that is about two more scenes before hitting where I plan to move the ending up to.

In the end I don't think it'll be too big of an issue. The original ending of the episode would be better suited as the opening of episode 7 anyway, as they're more connected with the going ons in that chunk of story.

I'm more worried about the chunks of story I skipped over and have to get back to soon. I still haven't figured out how the fuck I'm gonna write that shit down.