Regards To The Updates for Friday And Monday (2-21-19)

After finishing the previous chapter, I had decided to stream myself doing some drawing exercises suggested by Cooper as there had been some issues that needed addressing. Because of that there weren’t pinups between chapters this time around.

The first practice was to help push myself and draw not in my usual style along with different facial expressions. To do that I had to select some random drawings of different expressions and try my best to recreate the original drawing to the best of my capabilities. Afterward I had to redraw them in “my” style. (I also showed Maze: Megaburst Space and Maquia)

The second practice was to help figure out body sizing for characters, that wound up being Cooper helping me to get Owen’s body type down as I continuously fucked it up. It took some effort but I think I have something down. (Viewers also watched Panda Go Panda, Lu Over The Wall, and Happy Lesson).

I apologize that they aren’t the most exciting updates, but they were a good practice for me.

After these two updates there’s going to be a MZone and Cooper update as I’m still developing the script after having some writer’s block/designing a new character who plays a pivotal role in the story. Please look forward to it!