MGD 6 Update/"I Want To Eat Your Pancreas"

Hey! Coming up this Wednesday and next Sunday I’ll be doing a Patreon exclusive stream! I’ll be doing some studies and general practice while watching anime. The stream will be available for all levels starting at $1!

MGD6 Update: I finally got over that mother fucking writer's block in this one section! It had plagued me for weeks, and even forced me to skip ahead and write around it for the sake of getting work done. But this past Friday I sat down and went "I'm fucking doing this shit today!" Cue about forty minutes of thinking I figured out the direction I needed to take and pumped out 1853 words for that chunk!

The problem I'm now faced is I can't exactly go with the ending I was currently aiming for, but that's okay. The ending for this arc in MGD has changed dramatically over the years as I've slowly worked on it. There was a time for about two years where The Masked Sorrow was suppose to be the son of Supreme Commander Vehes and playing that up. If you've been keeping up with MGD then you know that never wound up happening. Sometimes as you develop a story you have to give up the ending you wanted and go with what works better with the world and characters you've been developing.

Also this past week I saw I Want To Eat Your Pancreas. Sad to say I can't recommend it.

The plot itself sorta treads on that A Walk To Remember type story: Guy and sick girl who's eventually going to die before the ending of the story form a relationship. Her dying is not a spoiler, as they show her funeral way early on. For most of it it's fine, and I thought kinda cute. Wasn't groundbreaking or anime, but it was turning out to be a nice little film that was worth a rental or a stream at some point.

But then instead of going what you would've expected, the writer tried to throw a twist to make things more "dramatic" and "sad" that comes off more manipulating. Like where you see the strings being pulled behind the scene and the writer going "Didn't expect that, huh? Are you sad? Are you depressed now? How about you shed some tears?"

Instead I felt kinda insulted, in a way. I understood how one would want to try and have a twist with their story, but sometimes you should let things just play out as expected. It felt like that two minute bit from Paranoia Agent where it parodied that style of story. Except in Paranoia Agent it's done as a quick gag. I Want To Eat Your Pancreas pulls a similar stunt over an hour into the story and is sincere about the stupid scenario it came up with. Worse is it's telegraphed earlier in the story on multiple occasions, but that doesn't make it any better. Sure, stuff like that happens in real life. I get that. But there's a reason the phrase "life is stranger than fiction." Sometimes things that can happen in real life don't make for an entertaining story.

Anyway, that twist soured me on the whole thing and made me felt like I wasted my time. There's plenty of more enjoyable "girl dying to a disease starts relationship with guy" stories out there I'd rather revisit before going through this again.