Retreading the Indigo League

For the past few weeks I've been watching the Indigo League episodes of Pokemon. It's been fun going back to episodes I only ever watched once back when they broadcasted initially. I'd completely forgotten a few of them, so it's like watching new episodes of the original series. When I was a kid I recorded the episodes up to where Charmander evolved into Charmeleon as those episodes were shown on TV in syndication while I was at school (DFW UPN 21), so I watched that chunk over and over again. When Pokemon hopped over to Kids WB I didn't bother recording them as I was able to watch them on Saturday, and thus didn't see them nearly as repeated.

With me being on the last disc of the set, I went ahead and ordered the Orange Islands boxset so I could keep the Pokemon train going. I'm not sure how long I'm gonna be watching Pokemon while doing comic work, as I imagine I'll get tired of it at some point. Doesn't seem to be anytime soon as it's the perfect show to put on in the background and half pay attention to it. There isn't as much you need to pay attention to while watching compared to other shows. Plus since the majority of episodes follows the same cookie cutter pattern you already know what to expect.

The real challenge is gonna be once I get to Johto, as I stopped watching Pokemon around that time frame and started watching other stuff. Maybe that'll kill my interest until the next DVD set of Sun and Moon comes out.