There’s an evil lurking in the shadows of the metroplex. The Masked Sorrow, a general from the Dimension of Despair, is slowly collecting the happiness of people with the intent of using it as an energy source. Lily Mint, a magical girl who fights for love and friendship, has been the sole defender against this despicable scheme. But with rumor of The Masked Sorrow planning to increase his attacks, a new magical girl is sought to aid Lily Mint and save the world.

This important task is handed down to Cookie, a young, cheerful kitten with dreams of becoming an assistant to a magical girl, who mistakenly bestows the powers to Dallas Lancaster, a male 20-something stocker at a large supercenter.

Suddenly tasked with saving the world while having to transform into a girl in the process, will Dallas be able to stop The Masked Sorrow, or will our fate be sealed because he's busy at his minimum wage dead end job?

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