Best Laid Plans Of Mice And Men

Regardless of how much planning you put into something, there's always a wrench thrown into it. The original intent was for Magical Girl Dallas: Volume 1 to come out halfway into December, but we're now a few days away from New Years. Despite the delays, we're still truckin' along. The final version of the cover has been completed and the last check through of the text will be finished by tomorrow, meaning we'll be able to send everything for review to CreateSpace. Once done with that, we'll get a proof and do a review on that and then finalize it for release if all goes well. Afterward the Amazon Kindle version will be created through the CreateSpace release and then out the door at the same time hopefully by midway through January.

As this being our first release, the road was going to be a bumpy one, but that comes with doing anything for a first time. With that, have a Happy New Year!