Faintly hear me talk about Isao Takahata!

During Anime Fest 2018 I had the chance to attend two panels ran by the super amazing Helen McCarthy. And they're both available on youtube! The Really Early History of Anime and Hayao Miyazaki's Senpai: Isao Takahata! In the Isao Takahata panel (at 47m27s) I got to ask a question regarding this little bit of info that dropped last week. They gave a really good answer which can be applied to artists in general. Anyway both panels were fucking amazing so watch them in their entirety right now!

New t-shirt design available!

You can now wear page #324 on a t-shirt and show off how much you love Bodysuit 23 to the world!

But in case you don't want to show the world you read a webcomic about a guy who wears a bodysuit of a women, there is also prints and posters available too! Along with mugs, a thermos, and even a tote bag! There's a sale going on right now for the next couple of days if you want a discount!

Magical Girl Dallas: Episode 2 Now Available Outside Amazon

Within the next 24 hours or so episode 2 of MGD will be available on nook and google play. However, it is available at this moment directly on Square Space! Grab your copy here: http://www.latisbooks.com/magical-girl-dallas/

It will also be 20% off through May 27th on Square Space only!

I will more than likely be uploading the next two episodes in the next two weeks to allow breathing room between episode releases.

Magical Girl Dallas: Ep 1 Free!

I'm making episode 1 of Magical Girl Dallas free! Forever!

Not only that, but you no longer have to get it only through Amazon's kindle service (which won't make it free until it notices it being free everywhere else because they don't like free). You can now get it from Nook, directly from my website, and down the road Google Play! Now if you never got around to reading Magical Girl Dallas you have absolutely no excuse! Because it's free!

You can find links to the various options here! http://www.latisbooks.com/magical-girl-dallas/

Archive Borked

Currently running into issues with the comic archive. When you reach page 35 it shoots you all the way to page 75. Not only that but the archive is trying to resurrect a previous version of page 138 that I had to delete when importing the entire comic in an effort to fix previous page skipping issues. My only guess is something changed on Square Space's side as I had managed to fix these issues before trying to migrate people over here. Since I have little to zero knowledge of making websites and what have you, progress in fixing it will be painfully slow as I'm using custom CSS code that I doubt staff from square space will be able to help with. Right now the only method I can think of to alleviate the issue is by scorching the entire comic and uploading 40 pages at a time per month, starting all the way back around page 35. Obviously I don't want to do that as it'll wind up taking months to get the comic back up to speed. I apologize for the inconvenience for any new reader who comes to the website and tries to read the comic. I also do not have an estimated time when this will be fixed.

Magical Girl Dallas: Episode 5 Update

As of yesterday I'm a little past the halfway point in terms of length when compared to previous episodes. However, as I'm wanting the next episode to be the final one in the current arc, episode 5 might wind up being longer so I can cram everything I want into it before the climax. The beginning sections have been kind of painful in terms of getting stuff down. There were numerous nights where I was lying in bed going "this isn't working out right." I *think* I have something somewhat satisfactory, but I've yet to get feedback regarding all the new content I've written for the past few days, so who knows if it'll stick around.

Writing Challenge Update!

So I'm halfway through the month long time limit for that writing challenge I mentioned the other day. Currently about halfway through writing it. At the moment I'm going through the phase where I'm mentally going "Jesus fuck this is garbage! I can't pull this off! It's boring and nobody is gonna want to read it! Why am I even doing this!?"

Hopefully things will look up as I cross the hump!

MGD: Episode 5 Status Update!

Hope you guys have been enjoying Magical Girl Dallas! Which I write with literal sweat and BLOOD! It gets so sweaty and bloody at my computer that I have to waterproof it! I have these plastic coverings over the keyboard and such! Makes it difficult to write when my fingers get all slippery.

Anyway, bad news! I'm currently putting episode 5 writing on hold for the next month. The reason being is that I've been challenged by my good friend who edits all of my writings, from MGD to other works that never see the light of day. There's a few things that he's been wanting me to improve on. To do that, we came up with a 1 month challenge writing assignment. The rules are pretty simple: Write a complete story that is self contained, does not feature a cynical dude as the protagonist, have it in first person, and has to have a word count between 20k-25k.

It has already started a few days ago and I'm currently underway to blow it out of the water.



Just because I sleep in the fetal position thinking intensely about it means nothing.

Once it's finished, I plan to release it so everyone can enjoy it. Since this is a writing exercise, I can't promise the world and the moon like I do with MGD, but I promise to do my absolute fucking best to nail this thing!